3 Greatest QR Code Fails of 2011

RedBull ran a series of subway ads featuring QR codes. This was not an ideal situation, considering most subways don’t provide mobile phone reception. Woops.

Continental created a QR code for its in-flight magazine. But when passengers were actually able to scan the code (before takeoff and after landing) they were directed to a pop-up window that displayed off screen.

Esquire magazine featured a QR code on the cover of one of its magazines, only to place it where the mailing label goes. Another unfortunate blunder.

  • http://pinterest.com/schneidersweb Speider Schneider

    That’s a photoshopped QR code on the airplane (because it doesn’t wrap in the same way the name on the curved fuselage appears) and the code on the Esquire cover is an AR code (like the title at the top promises).