January 22, 2015 by Lindsay Berry in Advertising and Marketing

2015 Advertising Trends

2015 Advertising Trends Image

Ron Swanson- it’s a name that brings to mind breakfast, Tammy’s, abhorrence for local government, and staying off the grid. In a particularly memorable scene from NBC’s hit show, “Parks and Recrecation”, Ron receives a personalized pop-up ad on his computer and later discovers (to his horror) what happens when he Googles his home address.…

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January 15, 2015 by in Advertising and Marketing

Two Considerations to Shape Any Business Model

Shaping your business model

A company chooses how to compete in a given industry with its business model AKA its plan to make big money! A business model states a firm’s logic, operations, and value. Companies must navigate between two considerations to shape its business model: 1. The first consideration is the value proposition. What is the main value…

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