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Valentine’s Day is Going to Cost You [Infographic]

valentines day infographic Valentines Day is Going to Cost You [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week…are you prepared? Or better yet, is your wallet? Valentine’s Day can be romantic and fun, or very stressful. Take a look at these stats and see where you fall; hopefully you don’t break the bank and you are able to spend quality time with your sweetheart. We hope you enjoy this fun, fact-filled infographic brought to you by the creative team at our Florida Advertising Agency.

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<a target="_blank" title="Valentine's Day is Going to Cost You [Infographic]" href="" alt="Valentine's Day is Going to Cost You [Infographic]" /></a><br />Infographic by <a target="_blank" href="">BigEye Creative</a>

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  • Dana

    That map has Wyoming label as Colorado.