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retargeting strategies

Retargeting (or Remarketing) Is Creepy, But It Sure Works

Retargeting has been described as “turning window shoppers into buyers,” something that every business craves. But this actually isn’t the best analogy – perhaps more of an overeager sales clerk who helps you in the store, then accompanies you to several other stores, all the while telling you what you’re missing out on. You may call...Continue Reading

colors in branding

Market the Rainbow: The Science of Colors in Branding

The science of colors in branding has long been up for debate. Many academics insist color affinity is born from personal experience, background, and individual preference rather than proven branding or marketing psychology. Yet, according to Atlas Branding, up to 90% of peoples’ perception about a brand relates to their feelings about that logo’s colors. And...Continue Reading

Tips to Boost Twitter Engagement

3 Ways To Boost Your Twitter Engagement

“Help me increase my Twitter engagement” is a cry for help that can excite many amateur social media consultants. In the wrong hands, this intention can lead to sketchy and expensive solutions, including creating bogus accounts and paying a ton of money to artificially and inconsistently boost your presence. The truth is, the power to...Continue Reading