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How Marketing to Tourists is like online dating

Why Marketing To Tourists Is Like Online Dating

No, you didn’t read that wrong. We did indeed just say that marketing to tourists is a lot like online dating. Stick with us on this metaphor and we’ll show you how to turn transactional tourism marketing into a full blown love affair with your restaurant, hotel, resort or travel destination. And, since the tourism industry accounts for...Continue Reading

Why We Don't Suggest Super bowl commercials for our clients

Why We Don’t Suggest Super Bowl Commercials For Our Clients

The Super Bowl has long been considered the pinnacle of football season, and similarly, Super Bowl commercials are often considered the pinnacle of television advertising. Super Bowl commercials – especially those early on in the game – can create enormous buzz that has the potential to linger for months, if not years. Whether or not the game...Continue Reading

Super bowl commericals countdown Acura NSX

The Super Bowl 50 Commercials Countdown #1: Acura NSX – What He Said

Originally published on BrandBlab on February 1st, 2016. In the first of our countdown toward the Super Bowl commercials, we take a look at the Acura NSX. The car that adorned many 12 year-old boys’ posters during the 90’s is back! Acura is returning to the super-car field by bringing back the NSX. The original NSX, which...Continue Reading