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“In 2015 we’ll get closer to being able to track exactly how we earn each customer from the top of the conversion funnel to the bottom. For example, companies will be able to track a single prospect through the time they saw an ad, came to the website, followed on Twitter, downloaded a whitepaper, signed up for a trial, engaged with a salesperson and eventually became a paying customer.”


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses both on-page and off-page optimizations of your website to make it more user and search engine friendly. At BIGEYE we’ve been providing powerful SEO services since 2002. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the landscape enables us to create compelling, high performing, ROI-delivering campaigns to a diverse range of clients. Search engine optimization tools and tactics evolve quickly, and our team of search marketing experts prioritize staying up to date with the latest trends and tools. Search engine optimization is effective and important for both mobile and desktop traffic, and improves results across all the browsers your target market uses to access the internet: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Bing or Safari.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about knowing your audience, and consistently delivering content they find engaging, interesting and compelling. As a digital marketing agency, at BIGEYE, we build tailored content marketing strategies to enable brands to effectively and efficiently deliver messaging that resonates – in a way that engages the target audience. Our content marketing services are custom-tailored to each client, with proven results that position your business as an industry leader, engage with your online audience, and boost your organic rankings – all while delivering fresh, unique content that sets your business apart from your competitors.

Pay Per Click Marketing Firm

Pay per click (also known as paid search) advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to elevate your company’s presence online. At BIGEYE, we have a true passion and expertise for paid search advertising strategy, and have successfully implemented  paid search plans for hundreds of clients. Working primarily through the Google Adwords network, our paid search advertising experts analyze the competitive landscape, search volume, and the business objectives in order to determine the best paid strategy for our clients.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Our digital marketing approach delivers efficiency, drives lead generation, cuts clutter and provides full accountability through a wealth of performance analytics. The nature of digital marketing allows for continuous analysis, optimization and refinement and our teams use digital analytics to regularly assess the effectiveness of our efforts. It is a streamlined and responsive process, and one that enables you to make faster and more informed marketing decisions. Ultimately, what has major marketers trusting us with their business is our track record of driving growth by more effectively balancing the need for brand building with their immediate reality of sales and acquisition goals.

Marketing Conversion

Are you happy with your sales numbers? Do you make the most of every visit to your website? Do you know where your conversion funnels are on the site? A conversion takes place when a website visitor takes whatever action you want them to take – like making a purchase, downloading a whitepaper, registering for a class or completing a contact form. BIGEYE’s conversion marketing process focuses on conversion optimization to improve conversion rates. Using your website’s analytics and user feedback, our team finds out why visitors aren’t converting, and we fix it.

Digital Targeting and Retargeting

In a perfect world, consumers come to a website, know what they want to buy, select that item and buy it. But realistically, the consumer journey rarely looks like that. More often it involves online and offline research, browsing, incomplete shopping and eventually perhaps a purchase. At BIGEYE, our digital marketing team is skilled at a variety of digital targeting practices designed to influence consumers along this journey.  Our digital marketing team takes into account campaign strategy, analytics, consumer purchase behavior, and conversion goals in order to determine the most effective targeting methods for our clients digital campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

69% of digital media time is spent on mobile, more than 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and more than half of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device or a tablet.  It’s clear that mobile is taking over the digital space, and should be fundamental to any digital marketing plan. At BIGEYE, we offer a comprehensive suite of mobile marketing services that will position your organization to take full advantage of the mobile boom.

Account Based Marketing

If we are guessing correctly, you are more than likely a company with a small marketing budget. If this is accurate then we might have a solution for you! Account based marketing is a budget friendly, strategic approach to marketing, where an organization approaches each account individually – like a market of one. By aligning two key components, we are able to hone in on how to properly grow and personalize your company’s efforts.  Our account based marketing services allow clients to identify, target, and tailor marketing programs to specific accounts in order to increase sales or conversions. This approach to marketing is about identifying new opportunities of growth for your business and acting on them.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile users have more than three million apps to choose from right now – and it can be a challenge to get one single app to stand out in the crowd. At BIGEYE, we partner with app owners to improve discoverability, increase installs, optimize conversions within the app, and subsequently reduce the average cost of install. Data shows you have less than 6 seconds to convince an app store browser to install your app once they’ve clicked on it – are you confident you’ve optimized your app store presence to make the most of those 6 seconds?

Email Marketing

91% of consumers check their email daily. They’re reading for news and updates, promotions and discounts. And in exchange for their attention, consumers are expecting value out of your content. What happens when you fail to provide value? That’s right – Spam Filter. Unsubscribe. At BIGEYE our email marketing campaigns are rooted in quality content that resonates with the target market. We back that content up with strong templates, triggering, timing, testing and reporting.

Display Advertising

Online video and display advertising services play important roles within your digital media marketing portfolio. Our experienced team leverages these formats to bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way. By applying a number of methodologies, we are constantly tweaking to find the right mix of cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-thousand, cost-per-whatever to move the needle on your key performance indicators.

Voice Interaction Design

While the digital world continues to expand and grow, our team realizes that there is gravitation towards voice interaction design services. We are constantly working to stay on top of the latest trends and always looking ahead to figure out what the next industry curve will be. With the transformation of technology shifting into a mobile heavy arena, technologies like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo are taking off. Consumers are thriving off the ability to speak into the air and a device recognize and complete their command. One of the common devices, Alexa, is a rapidly growing development, which is a voice interaction design service held in a small device. Amazon, as well as a few others, have found a new niche in the digital world taking the phrase “ask and it will be given” to a whole new level.

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