As an influencer marketing agency, we know the perfect people to help promote your brand online. Trust us: We've got connections.

Influencer marketing is a growing and evolving form of marketing.

This style of marketing uses key leaders to share a message about a brand with a larger audience. Often, influencer marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media and content marketing efforts. This ensures that influencers promote your brand to a highly targeted, engaged audience with top trends. Our influencer marketing services are comprehensive for any need, including product launches, brand campaigns, annual programs, social content & video, sampling initiatives, research, casting, and event integrations.

Enhance your brand presence with influencers

We work with influencers on a wide variety of platforms and can quickly activate an influencer marketing program on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest.

Our team knows how to strategically place influencers into your marketing plan. As a leading influencer marketing agency, our team has a vast network of influencers to match with your brand. Our team fully recognizes that social platforms are ever-changing, and our approach is designed to handle and adapt to that change. We partner with our clients to help them navigate the social media landscape and to identify the best fit of influencers. Ultimately, leading your brand to accomplish your business goals.

"A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months."
- Forbes

The key benefit to working with an influencer marketing agency is knowing your target audience is already involved on a platform with an influencer in a meaningful way. By finding the right influencer and activating a strategic and authentic campaign, you’ll benefit not just from the exposure, but also from the association of your brand with that specific influencer. It’s targeted exposure, to the right people, in a place where they’re already engaged and paying attention.

Our influencer marketing program values honesty and transparency. The influencers we work with represent products and promote brands all while staying true to their own voice, tone, and story. This is a new form of media that benefits from the lessons learned throughout the history of advertising. It dives into the best method to connecting with consumers in ways that make an impact for a brand, yet also leave consumers feeling good about the process. Influencer marketing is an authentic way to reach your audience indirectly, on a platform they are already engaged on.

This process allows our team to work with almost any influencer.

We use proprietary tools to find the right influencers for our clients’ brands. Our team also employs custom recruiting methods when our clients need it. Members of our influencer network reach a wide variety of highly desirable markets including Millennials, Gen Z, Women’s Lifestyle, Men’s Lifestyle, Fashion, Tech, Food, Beauty, Entertainment, Parenting, and Health.

Let's use influencers to reach your audience.

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Let's use influencers to reach your audience.

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Let's use influencers to reach your audience.

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