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What's a marketing research agency? Half neurosurgeon, looking into the mind of your consumer, and half detective, uncovering the ways to grow your company.

At BIGEYE, all of our solutions begin with a deep understanding of the problem or challenge our client is facing.

All great advertising and marketing work solves a problem. Often, internal politics and priorities can trip up our clients and keep them from understanding and meeting customer needs – and truly thriving. BIGEYE’s market research allows our clients to refocus on the consumer, increase efficiencies, identify growth opportunities, stay relevant, orient strategies toward the future, and improve the decision-making process. Utilizing a marketing research agency gives our clients the clarity and confidence to implement these BIG strategies.

We have the research to back it up

Striving to enhance brands both locally and nationally through data driven research.

As a marketing research agency our capabilities at BIGEYE include qualitative and quantitative methods, online communities and panels, and mobile methods. We focus on two main types of research, qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative methods provide insight into why your consumers make their purchases and what motivates them. By conducting ethnographic studies and in-depth interview we can assess how your consumers feel and think about your brand, which helps focus our marketing efforts to achieve the biggest impact. We conduct concept testing and attitude and awareness studies as part of our quantitative research. This research is data driven and helps determine what areas to focus advanced analytics.

"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."
- Dan Zarrella, social media marketing expert

Communities and panels are a newer approach to research, and we’ve found they’re a great place for brands to see conversations happening about their products and services. BIGEYE offers short term communities, long term communities and custom panels to facilitate online dialogue. This conversation helps to understand what your consumers want and can focus our marketing efforts to bridge any gaps building brand loyalty.

Lastly, as mobile adoption has skyrocketed in recent years, mobile has become an excellent tool for research. BIGEYE is one of the few marketing research agencies to offer mobile communities, mobile-friendly surveys and shopper projects that have consumers collecting data in the field with their smartphones. We ensure through usability testing that your consumers can interact with your business easily on mobile devices and other platforms. Through the discovery process our team will determine which of these methods are best suited to your specific needs, and create a custom research plan to address those needs head-on.

The results of our research often direct the next steps for our clients.

Sometimes the results point to the need for internal or product changes before a marketing plan can begin. Other times research shows us the markets most ready for growth and the best platforms and messaging strategies to reach those markets. No matter what insights the research delivers, the BIGEYE team has an excellent track record of leveraging those insights to develop effective marketing and communications plans that exceed our client’s goals.

Let our research make the best decisions.

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Let our research make the best decisions.

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Let our research make the best decisions.

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