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By having research to back-up your marketing decisions, you can optimize your brand strategy choices and minimize your risk for failure.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research studies people in their natural environments (like their homes) as opposed to a research environment (like a focus group). People often can’t articulate what they’re looking for in products or services, so by understanding how people live, we discover trends that inform our client’s strategies. In ethnographic research, our team gleans insights primarily through observation, but may also use interviews to clarify those observations.

Quantitative Research

Understanding quantitative data helps to develop a better understanding of your consumers, what is currently happening in their lives, and how it effects your marketing strategies. As a marketing research agency, we have many different methods up our sleeves to collecting qualitative data from your consumers. With years of experience, you can trust BIGEYE to help you better understand your consumers and develop marketing strategies around qualitative data.

Qualitative Research

As a marketing research agency, at BIGEYE we employ an array of qualitative techniques to provide insights into consumer motivations and actions. It’s a non-statistical, semi-structured approach, aimed at achieving an initial understanding of the business issue at hand. Insights gained assist in solving a problem, generating ideas, and uncovering trends in thoughts and opinions.

Usability Testing

Just as you would test drive a car before purchasing, you want to test your products and website features before placing them out into the marketplace. BIGEYE utilizes usability testing to ensure that the products we promote to the designs/development of the websites we create, are making the best impression to your end users. When testing is complete, we gather the data and find common issues or experiences, then optimize the website for performance and usability.

Primary & Secondary Market Research

There are two types of market research, primary and secondary. The two get confused fairly often and while they are similar, they each play a distinct role in how you should approach conducting your market research. To describe it simply, primary market research is conducted to gather answers to specific issues or questions. This information can be gathered in many ways such as, surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc. The data collected from this research is new information, whereas secondary research also known as “desk research” (as it can be done behind a desk) is using and/or analyzing data previously collected by someone else that is publicly available.

Focus Group Research

Focus groups are like neon colors and blue jean shirts, they come and go with the ebb and flow of popularity. While they aren’t always the talk of the town, they are always beneficial to narrowing in on your company’s target audience. Focus groups allow you to add an extra human dimension to what may seem like impersonal data and make more informed decisions about your consumer marketing.


Consumer Insight

Consumers are walking data. The way they make purchases, how they react in certain situations, and their marketing preferences are all useful pieces of data. By conducting studies, creating surveys, and holding focus groups to monitor experiences, movements and actions, we are able to provide this data to help brands better serve the people they are trying to reach.

Brand Awareness

The first step when creating a marketing campaign is to know how your brand stacks up against the competition within the consumer’s mind. Is your brand well known within the industry that you are competing in? How likely will a consumer choose your brand over another? These questions and many more can easily be answered by performing a brand awareness study, which will become the foundation for the marketing campaign.

Online Survey

Surveys…no one likes to take them whether it is written or over the phone. Luckily with the help of technology and the growth of users on the Internet, surveys are now more easily available. Online surveys are faster, more accurate in asking questions, quick to answer and easy to use. The process of taking a survey is less taxing for your consumers than ever before. Companies are able to use online surveys to get a better handle on what their audiences think and feel, while also respecting their time and efforts.

Economic Impact Study

As your trusted marketing partner, the BIGEYE team is committed to enhancing your business as a whole because we believe that marketing is part of a bigger picture. At the end of the day, all of our efforts should help in driving your company toward your overall financial goals. The result of successful advertising combined with many other business factors is economic growth that can be in the form of increased sales, higher quality products, team/office expansion, diversified product lines, etc.

Consumer & Customer Profiling

Here at BIGEYE, we work hard to precisely profile your target audience. Through consumer & customer profiling services, we are able to collect better data and reframe your marketing process. Once you identify your target audience, you can better assess what their needs, wants and expectations are. From there it’s just a matter of building your profile and rearranging your business concepts to match that. Our research allows you to take your customer profiling from average to top notch.

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