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“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point.”
– Henry Mintzberg

Marketing Planning & Communications

Ongoing strategic account planning includes the development of marketing communication plans as well as honoring the voice of the consumer through all visual and verbal executions. There are many ways to communicate with your audience and identifying the most effective communication channel is crucial to a marketing plan. BIGEYE’s strategic planning services take into consideration everything from identifying your audiences and delivering impacting messaging to your audience in the most responsive way.

Audience Segmentation Consultant

Most clients come to BIGEYE with an understanding of their primary customer. However, often they’re looking to better understand the subsets and segments of their customer base, or even looking to grow into a new market. Through market segmentation practices, we understand and describe the common needs, interests, media consumption, tendencies, and beliefs of subsets of our clients’ market. This data is then used to design and implement strategies to target products, messaging, and media.

Marketing Data & Analysis

Data analysis and reporting is constantly changing and evolving – there are always new tools, studies, and programs coming out that allow companies to effectively gather, analyze data and synthesize it in a way that allows for efficient reporting and optimization. The best data for marketing optimizations takes into consideration many factors, such as, the audience being targeted, the specific channel or platform, and dayparting. Without understanding these variables, data can easily be skewed and create inconclusive findings. Thankfully, with BIGEYE on your team you can be sure that all the data collected is thoroughly analyzed and displayed in an easy to read and visually appealing report to make sure you get the most of your ROI.

Multi-Channel Marketing

There are so many ways for brands to reach out and connect with their consumers that sometimes it can be overwhelming. And on top of connecting with your potential customer on all the channels where they’re consuming media, your messaging must be customized to each channel while still maintaining brand consistency. When done correctly, cross-channel marketing allows you to optimize your window of opportunity to expand awareness of your brand to multiple people using multiple channels.

Social Media Strategy

Having a strategy for social media is as important as having a strategy for any element of a marketing plan. Your social media strategy should increase engagement, build your brand and drive business around your marketing goals.  BIGEYE’s social media strategy services team will guide you through a discovery process resulting in the right social media strategy for your brand. It’s not one-size-fits-all and not all brands benefit from presence on every social platform.

Content Marketing Firm

Content marketing strategy, not to be mistaken or confused with content strategy, takes content that is used throughout a buyer’s life cycle and analyzes how the different content can be used throughout this  journey. Understanding the life cycle of a buyer is crucial to better enhancing your content marketing strategy. Knowing the various touch points that a consumer experiences when engaging with your brand allows you to see where content marketing can be most strategically used to achieve overall sales or marketing goals.

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