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What do you get when you cross-breed a scavenger hunt, Sudoku, and mind-reading? A killer marketing strategy agency.

We’re a little obsessed with strategy. But it’s a healthy obsession!

We’ve learned that when strategy is rushed or blurry, everything else – goals, performance indicators, creative messaging, audience response, return on investment – all of it gets blurry too. That’s why we start each one of our projects checking in on and understanding the strategy. As a marketing strategy agency, everyone who touches a project at BIGEYE knows how the piece they’re working on fits into the puzzle. There is no exception to that rule.

The essentials to strategic planning

There are no shortcuts when we develop a marketing strategy for your brand, we take the time to provide the best course of action to get your audience's attention.

If communications strategy used to be about demographics and efficiencies, it’s now about consumer insights and engagement. Our strategists stay close to our account team – they get to know the client, the nature of the business, the goals and objectives, and then they get to work on developing a strategy, and determining which insights bare most important to the overall plan.

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point."
- Henry Mintzberg

We understand how different generations live, work, play and communicate and can explain how one form of media can be consumed in entirely different ways by different people. The BIGEYE team is tuned into the context within which media placements occur – and how that impacts reception, engagement, and your brand.

We also know that driving all the data and all the insights are real people, humans living their lives – and that real communication takes place between people, not devices. That human perspective pushes us to design communication  strategies around powerful insights and the way people behave, not simply eyeballs, likes, clicks, shares, reach and frequency.

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?

The BIGEYE team will use a variety of tools and methods to understand your business, product, sales, history, and target market. We’ll pour over historical sales data, marketing and communications pieces. We will dig into the metrics behind your digital platforms, websites and social channels. We’ll review past survey data, and conduct new research when needed. We’ll look through your search traffic and understand how you’re being found, or not found, online. We’ll read the reviews, ratings, and feedback. All along this journey we’ll collect insights, hear the story the data tells, and leverage what we learn to create powerful, strategic  plans for reaching your target.

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Let's strategize together.

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Let's strategize together.

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