A Multi-Platform Media Buying Agency

“A media buyer’s job is no longer to get the best price per thousand from a vendor but to drive the lowest cost per desired outcome.”

-Jay Freidman

Media Strategy

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re a little obsessed with strategy. But it’s a healthy obsession—because we’ve learned that when strategy is rushed or blurry, everything else – goals, performance indicators, creative messaging, audience response, return on investment – all of it gets blurry too. That’s why we start any media placement services project by checking in on and understanding the strategy. Everyone who touches a project at BIGEYE knows how that specific piece he or she is working on fits into a bigger plan. Media is no exception to that rule.

Media Planning

Media planning and buying is one of the critical roles that an agency plays in servicing their client. Once all of the necessary collateral items have been designed and tailored to our client’s needs, we move forward with sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for our client’s brand or product. Our dedicated media planning and buying team takes on the task of gaging what the appropriate media platforms will be best in engaging your target audience

Multicultural Marketing

One of the most unique aspects of the United States is the diversity of it’s population. The shift toward multiculturalism mandates that your media buying agency evolves to reflect the diversity of culture and ethnicity in our society. BIGEYE’s proprietary tools and processes harness the latest consumer insights and market nuances to create relevant, effective and modern communications.

Media Analytics

Strategic analysis of performance data is the most vital part of any media campaign. BIGEYE’s team understands not only the purpose of measurement, but also the most effective methods for identifying pre, post and ongoing campaign insights. This attention to monitoring and results constantly guides our media decisions for each project, guaranteeing that your audience impact and post-campaign intelligence are maximized through our stewardship.

Attribution Modeling

Imagine you knew exactly what content and campaigns supported your sales cycle best. Imagine you could seamlessly serve the information your customers wanted on every device and across every channel. Imagine you could target your marketing spend to the exact places your customers needed information. The good news is: we can. Our attribution modeling services unlock these questions and increase your return on investment by adding a deeper level of confidence to your marketing spend, honing your understanding of the customer journey, and allowing you to carefully target your marketing campaigns.

Digital Media Buying

Netflix and Spotify seem to be changing the way we take in TV and music, but broadcast media outlets are still extremely effective ways of advertising. Video ads are proving to be more and more effective as well as time goes on. On their own, video ads act as ways to create emotional connections with your target audience. Together, they can be some of the most effective ways of advertising when targeted to the right group.

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