Public & Media Relations

Let us assist you in all of your public and media relations aspects.

Within public relations, we categorize our services into two main areas including media relations and thought leadership.

While there is a significant difference in public relations and media relations, we organize them together because we feel they exist in cohesion. Through our vast experience in many industries, we are able to position you within the public relations conversation and to provide you with results that exceed your expectations.

We provide diverse coverage

Through our media knowledge, we stand alongside your team, to ensure a strong brand voice is projected for whatever comes your way.

Through a variety of tactics we position your business as a leader within your industry. Media relations is comprised of strategic planning, press training, and search engine optimization. By utilizing both digital and relational elements. We work to create a successfully distinct campaign. Thought leadership involves extensive research, trade show opportunities, speaking opportunities, and award submissions. We conduct initial research both with your team and amongst our own in order to gain a fundamental understanding of both your intended goals as well as what is necessary within your industry and field.

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."
- Warren Buffet

The phrase public relations is expansive and describes the management of your organization’s reputation and perception within the community. Media relations is a division of public relations that aims at providing involvement with local or national news media for an organization. The field of media is ever-changing. Here at BIGEYE, we strive to unfailingly remain “up-to-the-minute” for understanding the relentlessly evolving world of media.

Serving as your ally, pal, spokesperson and guidance counselor, we make every effort to understand the wide-ranging arena of public and media relations to provide you with the expertise you can associate with our brand. It’s key to examine the innovative approaches that are present within public and media relations to provide coverage.

As with all of our services, maintaining a successful relationship with both our clients and media providers is top priority.

We want a partnership that allows us to do our handy work, so you can spend more time doing what you do best. Through our expertise in public and media relations, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that we go above and beyond for your company to position you in a positive light within the community. Strategic campaigns are essential to any public and media relations approach and are designed to fit individually with each client, based on their needs and goals. From healthcare to non-profit, from transportation to education, we have the experience to not only add you to the conversation of media, but to improve your community standing from a multitude of approaches. It’s your media world and we’re just livin’ in it!

Let's build relevant pubilc and media relations.

Work with us

Let's build relevant pubilc and media relations.

Work with us

Let's build relevant pubilc and media relations.

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