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“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand

UX Design

Any good company knows it’s important to have a successful website up and running for your audience to visit. The majority of businesses out there have a website, whether it’s adding to their success or not, which is why it’s important that your website be unique to your brand and reflect the vision you set forth for your business. The website’s design is a key element of that success and whether your audience stays or leaves.

Website Development

It’s important to remember that a website isn’t a website without proper planning. Our website development services are widespread and customized to fit each and every business individually. We’ve found that projects beginning with a robust discovery session are incredibly efficient and beneficial to the overall development of a website – so that’s step one. Through a proven process, we have found our clients have the highest level of satisfaction when they are able to see all points of the project. Big or small, detailed or elusive, our team has the ability to turn your website dreams into a digital reality!

Content Management Systems

The internet is all about the freedom to share information, but many clients come to us with a website they can’t access, can’t update and can’t control. Sound familiar? We’ll fix that. We know you need to be able to make changes and updates, add content and promotions. We also know you’ll need support from a web design company from time to time. That’s why we rely on modern content management system designs that are both incredibly flexible for rich development and also intuitive for clients to curate content.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile and tablet traffic accounts for more than 60% of internet use. In 2017, figures suggest that by 2017 more than 90 percent of internet users will access online content through their phones. How does your website look when you access it from your phone or from your iPad? The answer to that question depends on the quality of responsive design within the site. At BIGEYE we believe every web design company should employ a responsive web design approach aimed to deliver optimal viewing and interactivity with a website across a wide range of devices.

eCommerce Development

There are multiple researchers that will tell you eCommerce isn’t going anywhere, and yet it is in fact still growing across all generations. In America, 96% of people have made a purchase online in their life, and 80% have made a purchase in the past month. While it’s important and beneficial, simply building an eCommerce site is not enough anymore. It’s easy to make an online shop, but it takes more than that to turn your audiences clicks into conversions. Here at BIGEYE, we research to help you find your target audience, to make your business fit your ideal consumer and to ultimately lead to a successful online business.

Web Analytics

Your site looks great! …so now what? Looks aren’t everything, in dating and in websites. Just because your site looks like a million bucks doesn’t always mean it is performing well. Our talented team of website designers and developers can dive deep into your site to understand what is and what isn’t working, make recommendations to improve efficiency, and then actually implement those recommended optimizations for you.

Website Maintenance

You went into business because you’re passionate about your craft, right? But running a business is so much more than just the product you sell or service you offer. Managing your website can take precious time you don’t have and leave you feeling like you’re always behind the eight ball with digital marketing. That leads to neglected sites with outdated content, broken links and missed sales opportunities. Our website management services solve that problem. The digital team at BIGEYE can manage your site from hosting logistics through regular content updates

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