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“In this fast-paced age, connecting with consumers on an emotional level is challenging. 140 characters isn’t always enough. BIGEYE created a brand video for us that tells our story, exposes our roots and values and makes a compelling case for doing business with us. It’s the honest truth, beautifully presented.”

- Local handbag retailer

When you work with BIGEYE’s video production team, you can expect amazing results.

Together we’ll determine the goals and objectives of your next video, and craft a style and narrative to meet those goals. We bring a unique marketing perspective to the table, paired with creativity and craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else.

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    Our experienced video team takes the stress out of video production. You’ll enjoy control over the process and end result, without the headache of detail management.

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    Your video will generate the results you need to achieve your marketing goals. Our team will thoughtfully select the format and style of video best suited for your needs.

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    Your video will be seen! We use a data-driven approach to make recommendations to your media strategy and video distribution plan.

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Studies have shown that an effective one-minute video can have the impact of around 1.8 million words.

“BIGEYE encouraged us to consider the mobile market, and we haven’t done a lot of that in the past. Now that we have video online, we’re seeing a big increase in mobile traffic to the site. It’s a fantastic step forward for us.”

- Educational institution

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