An agency must be able to relay the strategic message through strong creative work. Successful marketing campaigns typically possess an innovative creative element that grabs the target market’s attention and leads to a call to action.

– American Marketing Association

Integrated Campaigns

Truly integrated campaigns share strategy across varying media, but not necessarily identical creative work. Our creative team’s understanding of the strengths, nuances, and consumer behavior of each medium inform the way they craft art and copy for each piece of an integrated campaign. It’s about developing real connections between the brand story, the medium, and people.

Digital Products

Developing engaging digital products is truly one part art and one part science. At BIGEYE there’s no distinction between digital production and creative work – they’re completely integrated and highly collaborative. Collaboration at this level results in captivating, intuitive digital products that are fun to use, and driven by strategy.

Copywriting & Copy Editing

Maya Angelou said “easy reading is damn hard writing.” And all the copywriters nodded their heads in unison. In the age of information overload, capturing someone’s attention is often the biggest hurdle our clients face. So to meet that challenge head on, we’re super picky about the writers we hire. Our writers are masters of tone, metre, structure and grammar, and also know when and how to throw those rules out the window.

Content Development

Many brands are now in the business of publishing content. We help clients connect with their audiences by crafting relevant, timely content for cross-platform use. Our content developers produce scripts, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, web copy, social posts, and more.

Art Production & Design

Partnering with professional photographers, illustrators and videographers, our art production team curates rich image libraries for our clients. The team can also source rights-managed and stock assets when needed.

Our design services include: logo and icon development, print and digital design and layout, photo retouching, and brand style guideline creation.

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