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By having research to back-up your marketing decisions, you can optimize your brand strategy choices and minimize your risk for failure.


Ethnographic research studies people in their natural environments (like their homes) as opposed to a research environment (like a focus group). People often can’t articulate what they’re looking for in products or services, so by understanding how people live, we discover trends that inform our client’s strategies. In ethnographic research, our team gleans insights primarily through observation, but may also use interviews to clarify those observations.


As a marketing research agency, at BIGEYE we employ an array of qualitative techniques to provide insights into consumer motivations and actions. It’s a non-statistical, semi-structured approach, aimed at achieving an initial understanding of the business issue at hand. Insights gained assist in solving a problem, generating ideas, and uncovering trends in thoughts and opinions.


Our structured, statistical methodologies are data-generating, and allow us to generalize results among the research target. Often, we employ quantitative research to measure the views and opinions of our client’s target market, and to generate conclusive, descriptive research findings.

Usability Testing

Understanding how your users – or target market – interacts with your product or website is critical to your business success. Usability testing gives direct input on how real users experience and use your products, informs design and strategy, and improves customer satisfaction. We employ random testing, remote testing, expert review, questionnaires and interviews, and automated testing on clients websites. When testing is complete, we gather the data and find common issues or experiences, then optimize the website for performance and usability.

Market Segmentation

Most clients come to BIGEYE with an understanding of their primary customer. However, often they’re looking to a marketing research agency to help them better understand the subsets and segments of their customer base. Through market segmentation practices, we understand and describe the common needs, interests, media consumption, tendencies, and beliefs of subsets of our clients’ market. This data is then used to design and implement strategies to target products, messaging, and media.

Digital Analytics

Your business has an overwhelming amount of digital data that can be intimidating and time-consuming to understand. Our team is skilled at aggregating all of our clients’ digital data, stripping away the excess, focusing in on a handful of metrics that serve as key performance indicators, and designing simple measurement strategies to inform business decisions. The outcome of this analysis is both simple and accessible reporting that’s easy to integrate into day-to-day business decision making. Digital analytics can be one of the most powerful sources of insights supporting a marketing strategy.

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