Marketing Strategy

“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point.”
– Henry Mintzberg


Ongoing strategic account planning includes the development of marketing communication plans as well as honoring the voice of the consumer through all visual and verbal executions.

Market & Audience Segmentation

In today’s highly diversified audience mix, it is important to consider more than just demographics. Ethnographics, psychographics, and technographics combined with market analyses, allow us to identify segments that may require individualized messaging. In some cases, we may segment by the individual with the understanding that not all individuals within a group are the same.

Measurement & Benchmarking

In today’s media landscape, technology allows for an awesome amount of marketing data that was missing in the past. We design customized measurement systems for each campaign we create, because we know data explains things that happened in the past, informs us of what’s happening in the present, and helps us plan for the future. Choosing the right set of measurements and tracking tools is critical to understanding the effectiveness of communication tactics, as well as return on investment.

Consumer Journey & Decision Mapping

We design and map out the path taken by the consumer audience from initial contact through to conversion and adoption. Every consumer journey and decision mapping is uniquely created to accomplish the conversion objectives and tailored specifically to the segmented audience profiles.

Brand Positioning & Architecture

The brand positioning process considers stakeholders and consumers and identifies the “why” of the brand. We analyze brands down to their DNA core in order to uncover their personalities, purpose, differentiators, and voice. The brand architecture is built around these components in an effort to construct a brand that is both compelling and relatable to its intended audience.

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