Video Production Company

“In this fast-paced age, connecting with consumers on an emotional level is challenging. 140 characters isn’t always enough. BIGEYE created a brand video for us that tells our story, exposes our roots and values and makes a compelling case for doing business with us. It’s the honest truth, beautifully presented.”

Video Post-Production Services

Video is a key component of a content marketing program, and at BIGEYE we excel at quick response video production and editing that can be as agile and reactive as the market it targets. Our creative and skilled in-house editing team turns raw footage into great looking, great sounding video for your website, social platforms, apps, and email campaigns. We fully integrate your video with the tone and quality of your brand.

Social Media Video

How social is your video content? It’s our experience that many clients have taken steps toward developing a social media strategy, but have yet to solidify a social video strategy. The BIGEYE team understands the nuances between each social platform, and how video is viewed, rated, shared, liked and consumed on each platform. We know your video content needs to be “social ready” and are adept at producing video that can easily be versioned for various social platforms.

Webcasting & Live Broadcasts

Do you livestream? Ustream? Webcast? Broadcast? Have you Periscoped? Do you wonder what in the heck we’re talking about? We’re talking about the latest trend in internet video marketing: sharing live video on digital platforms. In the last 2 years, the technology supporting live video sharing has exploded in quality, availability and popularity, creating an amazing opportunity for marketers to reach audiences in a new, exciting way. And the BIGEYE team gets really excited about livestreaming projects.

Corporate Video Development

As media consumption shifts toward a fast-paced, mobile-first, quick hit experience, video has become a highlight of the corporate communications plan. Many brands use video for both internal and external communications, on both proprietary and public platforms. Corporate video is a modern way to engage an audience, communicate clearly, and highlight the tone and voice of the corporate brand. Corporate videos can often be versioned for a variety of platforms, extending the usability and longevity of the content.

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