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Our Capabilities

Fueled by our passion for thinking creatively and strategically about brands, we develop meaningful solutions that bring value to clients and elicit emotional connections with consumers. In other words, we make cool shit that works.

Big-city work by big-hearted people.

Our approach to process and its resulting work allows us to run neck and neck with the big boys, but our culture of humbleness keeps us grounded and polite. Friendly, fun, intelligent people who take pride in what they do and who they’re doing it for. It’s the best of both worlds, in one very sweet spot.

Our Process

Just follow our lead

Every great result owes its existence to a single great idea—one that is supported by flawless execution and measurement. In order to achieve successes for our clients, we rely on a collection of internal processes that have been designed bring the best ideas to the surface. They begin with a series of subject-specific discovery sessions followed by in-depth research exercises.


A whole lot of drained Sharpies, crumbled Post-Its, soaked coffee filters, and empty beer bottles later, those once elusive ideas begin to emerge from the madness. This beginning stage is the most critical and most exciting. It’s also the toughest. It’s followed by execution, which involves rabid, free-flowing creativity, with a little bit of gut-intuition thrown in for good measure. There is a science to the process, but there’s also a subjective component at play. Crafting fully integrated marketing tools and experiences takes time, strategy, and brain power. Most importantly, it takes trust on both sides of the table. As a client you’ll learn more about our complete process, which is completely customized to your specific project.

Let’s do something incredible together!

BigEye Logo

What’s in a name?

The short story is that SMALLEYE didn’t have the impact we were looking for. The truer story is that our name is a constant reminder for how we, as a brand, approach ideas—the way we open the lid just a little bit wider in order to manifest solutions that are always smarter, braver, and bigger than expected. Great ideas are elusive. Good thing we’ve got our eye on the prize.