We are a strategy-led, full-service creative agency scaling brands into bigger, brighter, bolder engines of content and commerce.

Bigeye is built differently.
See what happens...

When intelligent strategy meets bold creative.

When multiple disciplines combine to form multifaceted, scalable content.

When a do-more-with-less approach meets a do-more-than-expected attitude.

When being different
makes a big difference.

There’s a lot that makes us different. Let’s start with how we unite a tightly knit team of experts from many different disciplines: Researchers, writers, designers, analysts, planners, and producers whose goal is to achieve maximum impact for your brand. There’s also our style. We’re a fun-loving bunch with a euphoric enthusiasm for what we do. Our joyful nature is revealed through our work and daily interactions. Another difference—We don’t jump the gun. We listen. We observe. We define. Then, we act. Building awareness and connection carefully and deliberately—focusing on the elements that matter—before we go for the gold. ​

Limitless creativity. 
Boundless possibility.

We listen. We observe. We define. Then we act.

We’re a fun-loving team with a euphoric enthusiasm for everything we do.

We help brands find their voice, refine their purpose, and reach their audiences, while remaining flexible and buoyant to cultural influences. 

Big thinking that’s big-time scalable. We’re really good at it. 

After two decades in the game, we’re still inspired. Partnering with brilliant minds and visionaries, established brands, and startups, we’re constantly learning, adapting, and growing. Things are never dull around here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our Leaders

Dana Cassell

Senior Manager, Strategy

Sandra Marshall

VP, Partnerships

Tim McCormack

VP, Media & Analytics

Justin Ramb


Seth Segura

VP, Creative

Adrian Tennant

Chief Strategy Officer

Rhett Withey

Art Director

Ashley Sanfilippo

Director of Client Services

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We collaborate with ambitious brands and people.

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