Transforming Engagement Through a Strategic Brand Overhaul


CG Spectrum


Strategy and Design, Business Intelligence, Media, Digital Marketing, Creative

Drawing inspiration from CG Spectrum's commitment to innovation and education, Bigeye crafted a cohesive visual language, incorporating updated color schemes, typography, and imagery to create a dynamic and aligned look. Simultaneously, our team optimized the current media strategy by analyzing audience behavior and market trends, refining the target demographic, and shifting ad creatives for maximum impact. The focal point of our strategy was a meticulously crafted, new-and-improved media plan presented and refined with the client, set to launch in 2024, marking a new era for CG Spectrum. The results thus far have exceeded expectations, with the client expressing great satisfaction over the transformative journey and noting a significant improvement in current ad engagement. These strategic shifts, combined with revamped brand assets, have not only revitalized CG Spectrum's image but also established a robust foundation for sustained growth and impact in the competitive educational landscape, setting the stage for continued success in 2024 and beyond.

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