Establishing the ultimate on
-campus living experience at the
University of Florida.




Strategy and Design, Messaging, Campaign Creation and Development,
Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website and Voice Development

Ufora, the epitome of on-campus living at the University of Florida, aimed to establish itself as the ultimate dream residence for college students, offering peak-level amenities and top-tier interiors. The challenge was to create a brand that reflected the luxurious and joyous living experience, resonating with the University of Florida's spirit. Our approach involved crafting a brand that radiated joy and excitement, incorporating the school's initials subtly in the name "Ufora." Every touchpoint, from the logo to marketing collateral, aimed to convey the dreamlike quality of Ufora, immersing students in a uniquely aspirational brand. The results were significant, with the brand successfully capturing the essence of joy and exhilaration, resonating with students and solidifying Ufora's position as the ultimate on-campus living destination, showcasing the impact of a well-crafted brand in the competitive student housing market.

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