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Retail Disrupted E3: Brand Choices

The third in a special series of podcasts reflecting consumer insights from Bigeye’s national study, Retail Disrupted. In this episode, we identify the factors that most influence consumers’ brand choices and look at COVID-19’s impact on people’s attitudes toward recycling, upcycling, and sustainability.

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Revealing Deeper Consumer Insights with Projectives

Projective techniques are powerful consumer insights tools – but are often misunderstood. Our guests, Dr. John Whittle and Nigel Roth share ways in which projectives can uncover consumers’ deepest motivations, responses, and how they really feel about brands. We discuss real-world case studies and hear recommendations on how and when to use different projectives. A fascinating dive into techniques that encourage participants’ imagination, expression, and free association.

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Retail Disrupted: Episode 1

IN CLEAR FOCUS: The first in a series of podcast episodes accompanying Bigeye’s 2021 study, Retail Disrupted: What Shoppers Want From Brands Today. Based on a national survey of over 1,500 US shoppers, it’s clear that consumers are demanding more from retailers than ever before. In this pod, we explore key data points from the report with retail futurist Doug Stephens and influencer marketing expert Paige Garrett and discuss what the findings mean for retail and direct-to-consumer marketers.

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Creating Sustainable DTC Packaging

Encore: As millions of views of “unboxing” videos on social media demonstrate, packaging is an important part of the customer experience. Industry expert Brandon Frank explains how evolving consumer attitudes are leading brands to embrace sustainable packaging solutions. Brandon shares the inside story of innovative packaging his company, Pacific Packaging Components, developed for premium beauty brand Drunk Elephant, and his role as a member of Credo’s Clean Beauty Council.

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DTC Pioneer Olivia Canlas, Meowbox

Pet marketing services agency Bigeye’s podcast features Olivia Canlas, the co-founder and CEO of Meowbox, a pawpular direct-to-consumer cat treat and toy subscription. Olivia shares how she first had the idea for Meowbox and why social media has been purrfect for growing the brand. Olivia talks candidly about challenges during COVID, the importance of being part of an extended network of female entrepreneurs, and brainstorming pawsitively ameowzing creative box themes.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Bigeye insights interns Camila Swanson and Jorge Sedano reflect on their own experiences as multicultural consumers. Including candid interviews with friends and family members, the team examines influencer marketing and how Hispanic consumers are depicted in ads. We hear why ads on Spanish-language media can be more memorable, and the ways Hispanic consumers most commonly retain their families’ cultures and traditions.

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The New Chameleons: Consumers Who Defy Categorization

Demographic segmentation is the foundation of traditional marketing – but does it still work? A consumer behavior psychologist and professor of marketing, Michael Solomon discusses his book, “The New Chameleons” highlighting fundamental shifts in terms of how we think about customers. Michael explains generational differences, targeting “markets of one”, and predicts which consumer behaviors accelerated by the COVID-19 lockdowns and economic changes will persist post-pandemic.

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