Market Intelligence

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Marketing Sustainability

Experts in sustainable development, retail, innovation, and consumer behavior explore the challenges and opportunities for marketing sustainability. We discuss topics including the shift to a purpose-driven economy, the advertising industry’s impact on carbon emissions, and ways in which brand marketers can influence eco-friendly consumer choices with verifiable claims. To receive a 25 percent discount on books published by Kogan Page, use promo code BIGEYE25 at

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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Exploring the rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, we revisit conversations with recent guests, including Katie King, Renee Hartmann, Nick Wolny, Dave Kaye, Paul Sloane, Rohit Bhargava, and Martin Oxley. Conversations examine the ways in which AI is being used in sales and marketing, retail, consumer research, translation, and content creation with relevant examples and case studies. Links to the books mentioned in this episode are provided in the transcript.

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