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Future Cultures with Scott Smith and Susan Cox-Smith

Scott Smith and Susan Cox-Smith of strategic foresight consultancy Changeist are co-authors of “Future Cultures: How To Build A Future-Ready Organization Through Leadership.” Scott and Susan explain the practice of applied futures and how to be better prepared for a range of potential futures by embracing creative thinking and innovative methodologies. Listeners receive a 25 percent discount on “Future Cultures” at by using the promo code BIGEYE25 at checkout.

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What Are the Most Popular New Apartment Amenities?

Even multifamily apartment complexes in high-demand areas generally experience lots of competition. Indeed, these complexes often offer similar rental rates, apartment sizes, and standard amenities. Savvy property managers can consider offering valuable and less-common amenities to stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutter apartments. Valuable amenities mean a complex doesn’t have to compete by price and may even have a chance to earn extra …

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