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“A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

– Seth Godin

Logo Design

Legendary logo designer Paul Rand once said, “In essence, it’s not what it looks like, but what it does that defines a symbol.” Those are words to live by when approaching logo design. It may come as a surprise, but a logo can’t do it all. It’s only one part of a broad visual system called brand identity. The logo is an anchor, providing customers with a symbolic visual representation of the brand. What that symbol does—how it’s applied, where it’s applied, and how the various elements that support it collectively work to reinforce the logo’s deeper meanings—is critical to its success. But before that can even be achieved, the brand promise of the product itself must be met. Only then can the logo become a powerful symbol filled with meaning and emotional impact.

Brand Naming

Naming is perhaps one of the most critical parts of the branding process. The name’s origin, syllable count, length, domain availability, and simple tests in pronunciation and good old-fashioned memorability are just some of the criteria to bear in mind when determining a brand name. Every brand name has both an audible and visual meaning that should be thoroughly examined and considered before making a final decision. Whether made up or familiar, understanding the connotative meaning of the brand name—its social undertones, cultural connections, and the emotional meanings it carries with it—should be carefully examined, as well as how the brand name will assist in reinforcing a strong brand story that connects with the target market.

Brand Style Guide

One of the most important stages of building a successful brand identity is developing a brand style guide. Whether short and sweet or detailed and verbose, every brand style guide is different, but the purpose remains the same—ensuring that consistency is maintained as brand elements are applied across multi-platform systems. Clearly defined rules and regulations regarding logo usage, color, graphics, typography, photography, messaging, and tone are all essential to an organized and thoughtful brand style guide. When establishing these guidelines, attention should be given to providing the brand with the flexibility it needs to grow and evolve with changing markets and trends throughout the years. Before one breaks the rules, they need to know them.

Brand Promise

Appropriately named, the brand promise is as important as any promise made. It should convey the commitment to carry out the mission of the brand and how it will satisfy the needs of its customer, client, and consumer. BIGEYE works very closely with its clients to uncover their promise and develop the manner in which it’s communicated.

Brand Identity

How the brand is represented in both visual and verbal formats is developed within the brand identity. This carried out through a variety of business communication pieces such as email signatures, business cards, stationery, and other standard elements in the area of business connectivity. BIGEYE ensures that the brand’s identity is consistent with the overall brand strategy, goals, and objectives.

Brand Experience

In today’s marketing landscape, it’s not enough to simple see or hear a brand. People must experience a brand in order to fully understand and connect with it. BIGEYE helps clients create and implement their experience in four dimensional and immersive ways. The result of a successfully established and executed brand experience is consumer advocacy and evangelism.

Brand Management

After a brand has been created, established, and ready to be launched into the world, consistency and quality become very important areas to manage. Through careful brand management, BIGEYE helps clients ensure that their brand is being communicated verbally, visually, and through multi-sensory experiences, in a manner that is consistent with the rules and standards originally established for the brand. The most successful brands never stray from their message, look, and feel and deliver on the promises they made upon launch.

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