12 things to do in Orlando before the world ends

12.21.12. The end of the Mayan calendar. Some believe all existence as we know it will cease that day; others see it as a more hopeful time in history—when the many “End of the World” Facebook events are finally removed from their calendars. Whatever the case, let go of your fears and throw inhibition to the wind. If the apocalypse is coming, at least have some fun before it gets here.
Enjoy your last days on Earth by doing a few of the things in Orlando you’ve always wanted to do… and even some you’ve never considered.

1. Sing Karaoke. The venue: Big Daddy’s Roadhouse on Corrine Drive. The song: “I Will Always Love You.” And yes, go for the high note.

2. Treat yourself to as many roast beef sandwiches your heart desires at Beefy King on Bumby. Don’t forget the spuds (tater tots).

3. Sell your gold for cash to the “We Buy Gold” man on Colonial and MaGuire, then put it toward a monster-sized 3D flat-screen TV. Because if, by chance, the world doesn’t end, you’ll have it for the Superbowl.

4. Host a disaster flick marathon with your closest friends at the Enzian Theater on South Orlando Avenue. Order the truffle potato chips.

5. Visit one of Orlando’s icons while simultaneously watching the sky for falling asteroids at the Orlando Science Center Planetarium.

6. Drain yourself to complete exhaustion at SkyZone Trampoline Park in Clermont. You know… so you sleep through the whole catastrophe thing.

7. Perform your own routine at the SAK Comedy Lab on South Orange Avenue. Who cares if no one laughs… It’s the apocalypse, and they’re all going to die.

8. Drive to Blue Springs State Park to tell the visiting manatees that you love them and that you think they are beautiful one last time—even though they are some of the strangest looking mammals you’ve ever laid eyes on.

9. Walk into every store at the Mall at Millenia and loudly pronounce that you’ll take one of everything. Be extremely loud in Neiman Marcus. It’s a big place.

10. Visit Skycraft on Fairbanks to collect various electronics and industrial supplies. Not sure what they are? Get them anyway… in case your inner MacGyver emerges amidst the mayhem.

11. Take some of your leftover cash (whatever is leftover from #3 above) and treat yourself to a steak and lobster dinner at the legendary Del Frisco’s steakhouse on Lee Road. Heck, it’s the end of the world, so get drinks and dessert, too.

12. Risk it all. Ride to the center of the Lake Eola in one of the giant swan boats during the apocalypse and wait to see what happens.


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