5 Ways to Spice Up Tried-and-True Office Routines

The everyday office routine can become pretty mundane day in and day out. With hours spent drafting documents, sitting in meetings and refreshing your email inbox, it is easy to fall into a monotonous pattern and struggle to stay creative and passionate about your work. But, no fear! BIGEYE is here with some useful tips to brighten up that snoozer of a workday and bring back your former creative spark and drive – here, we bring you the following 5 ways to spice up tried-and-true office routines:

 1. Communal Lunches

Whether you order in lunch for the whole team or simply agree to all convene and eat at a specific time, holding a communal lunch is a terrific way to start great conversations and elevate the overall mood and atmosphere of the office. The lunch can give people something to look forward to in the morning and boosts everyone’s energy for the afternoon!

 2. Bring A Pet

With your bosses and colleagues approval of course, having a dog or cat friendly office or a designated “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” can help add excitement and even a much needed relaxation outlet throughout the day. What a better way to shake off tension from a particularly stressful meeting than by petting a furry friend at your desk. A pet can completely change the mood of your office environment and adds a bit of fun!

 3. Redecorate Your Workspace

Every few months change up your workspace by rearranging your setup, bringing in fun trinkets or changing out the pictures in your photo frames. A change of scenery may help reenergize and maybe even help you look at your work from a new perspective!

 4. Play Some Music

It’s proven fact that music can drastically alter moods, so why not use that power and play some cool jams in your office while working? If you work in a communal area try using an app like Jukebox for Spotify to play music that everyone can listen to. These apps enable your entire team to add songs to the current playlist from their phone and vote up songs that they want to listen to more. It can even add a fun competition to see who can get their song at the top of the playlist.

 5. Do Something Nice For Your Colleagues

We all could use a little good karma now and then, and it’s a known fact that doing things for others helps boost your own mood as well. So, next time you’re out on a coffee run bring back your coworker their favorite drink. Or you could do something as simple as leaving a sticky note compliment on your coworker’s desk while he or she is away. Whatever it is, doing something nice can add a little extra something to you and your colleague’s day. So why not give it a try next time you’re looking to break the everyday routine?

Looking for more ways to generate positive change in your company’s workplace, and spice-up those office routines? We’re on the ready to divulge a few more of our BIGEYE tested, BIGEYE approved tips and tricks – contact us today!

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