BIGEYE’S Technology Predictions for The New Year!

The movies would’ve had us believe that 2014 would be a year of flying cars, hover boards and even USB implants in human beings! While society still hasn’t yet evolved to that level (and, in some cases, thank goodness!), there are a number of things we can look forward to in 2014. As big companies like Google, Apple and Samsung continue to develop interactive technology, we expect to see interesting developments in app development, wearable tech and transportation services.
And now, we present to you, our Orlando marketing agency’s list of tech predictions for 2014.

Wearable Tech: Google Glass, Smart Watches and Fitness Tech

Your iPhone 5 is great, but 2014 holds even more promise in terms of creating technological ease of use, utility and efficiency. [quote]As more companies see promise in wearable tech, these companies are beginning to offer numerous options in terms of devices and applications.[/quote]

For instance, in 2013, Google introduced the Glass Explorer program, in which it offered Google Glass to a number of select participants. Glass has proven to offer tremendous opportunities as a way for people to capture their lives and to communicate with others, using head motions and a series of finger taps. Now, it’s up to leading development teams to begin creating apps for Google Glass, as well as other new technologies such as the Samsung SmartWatch, which interact with users’ cell phones to offer alerts and important information.

Additionally, we will see more companies investing in fitness tech. When Nike introduced the Fuel Band several years ago, it began offering fitness-savvy individuals a new way to interact within the fitness community. As fitness technology gets better, so too will the ways in which people use it to help set up – and achieve – fitness goals.

New Retail Strategies: An iBeacon of Hope

It’s no surprise that brick and mortar stores are struggling to maintain presence in a time where people can have products delivered to their doorsteps in just days. Still, new innovations in retail have shown some success with the iBeacon, which provides targeted advertising to smart phone users geolocation services.

Education Innovation

As grad school costs continue to soar, more people are opting to pursue alternatives to an expensive and sometimes impractical training program. That’s why online education programs have proven so successful, and why their popularity only continues to rise. For a fraction of the cost of a full MBA program, people can learn specific skills like coding, web design and business strategies.

Ride Into the Future: Transportation Services

With car services like Uber taking the nation by storm, it’s likely that we’re going to see more companies capitalizing on transportation trends. Last year, Virgin introduced the first glass-bottom plane, while the past few years have seen self-driving cars at Google’s campus, technology that will likely spread into the mainstream in the near future – possibly as soon as 2014.

May 2014 be full of excitement, joy and innovation! Contact our team of experts today to determine how we may assist you in jumpstarting your marketing strategy in the new year!

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