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As I approach the end of my college career, a sense of urgency has been growing inside me. I came to the realization that I needed to get an internship that would help to “build the resume” and allow me to “gain valuable work experience”. After a couple tedious hours of online searching I came across BIGEYE Creative. I was immediately intrigued by the wit and humor flowing through their Web site. It seemed like a great fit for someone like me. So three weeks after my initial interview here I am, working diligently, the newest member to the BigEye Family.
And what a monumental first week it has been at BIGEYE Creative. I’m not going to lie I was initially nervous about this internship. I mean I have had my share of horrible jobs and was curious as to what part I would play with this company. Would I be in charge of getting coffee and addressing envelopes or would I be a valued member of the BIGEYE team?

In the past week I have been praised for cleaning out part of the of the office and attended the 2012 company retreat. The office cleaning was rough. I was pretty beat after moving boxes and file cabinets for five hours. However, what I didn’t expect was to be treated like a hero after. I mean I’m an intern, I’m supposed to do grunt work, right? Even better than all the compliments for the box moving was that it was to make room for the new employees coming in February. Which means I won’t be the new guy for very much longer. The bonuses just keep coming.

The retreat came at the perfect time for me. Being so new to the company it gave me a chance to really understand BIGEYE and get to know my co-workers. The retreat included an inspirational speaker, numerous company discussions and a trip through a very interesting museum (Wycliffe Discovery Center).

Besides the great working environment, the thing that really topped it all off was the gift that I received on Wednesday. Let it forever be known that on January 11, 2012, I was given my very own, company-issued snuggie! I didn’t plan for this perk until at least a couple of months with BIGEYE.

PS I’m officially a part of the team! No, really. Check me out on the Team page!

– Kyle

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