Call us crazy: We’re not afraid of ad blocking. Are You?

A lot of businesses and marketers are worried about the growing efficiency of (and access to) ad blocking technology. In fairness, with over 144 million people using ad blockers, according to IMB, this might be a cause for concern if your primary advertising strategy relies on banner ads and CPC campaigns. We might sound crazy, but we’re not worried. In fact, we think the rise of ad blocking technology is a good thing. Let us tell you why.


We know you’re in business to make money. We also happen to be marketers, so we’re right there with you. But ads can be annoying and distracting. It’s hard to admit, but we all know it’s true. And so do your customers — the heart and soul of your business. At the very least, you are a consumer too, so unless you’ve chosen to opt-in to every single pop up or video ad that’s interrupted your web browsing, this probably isn’t a shock to you.

When the internet was first created, banner ads were an easy way to reach new audiences and grow business. Today, in a world that’s constantly connected, the deluge of ads can feel overwhelming. As business owners and advertisers, we can’t rest on our laurels. What worked in the past isn’t going to work in the future. We need to adapt to the reality that people may always be online, but they don’t want to be bombarded with ads 24/7.

Finding ways to reach people with the right information at the right time creates a better customer experience for three reasons.

  1. It decreases bounce: Digital advertising sometimes uses a “spray and pray” method. Even the most targeted ads don’t always reach the right people or touch them when they are ready to buy. Increased ad blocking means when you DO get your customers attention, you have a better chance of actually keeping it because the recipient is open to receiving your information. Quality over quantity.
  2. It ups engagement: Ad blocking itself won’t increase engagement, but finding new ways to reach your audience – whether that’s through native advertising, blog posts, social endorsements, or event marketing – will. If you are truly trying to reach the right people at the right time, it’s time to invest in communication that has a real impact. And chances are, that might not exclusively involve banner ads.
  3. It builds relationships: If your customers know your brand delivers value when you communicate with them, you are more likely to cultivate a genuine, trusting relationship with those shoppers. Less than 35% of people trust advertising over peer recommendations, so use the rise of ad blocking as an excuse to cultivate real relationships and build confidence in your brand through more trusted channels.


The bottom line is that ad blocking isn’t going away. It’s only increasing. Take advantage of ad blocking by complementing your current marketing strategy with more organic marketing techniques. Your team of Orlando marketing experts here at BIGEYE can help. In fact, helping our clients choose the right channels and the right methods to reach their audience is our specialty. Click here to learn more about some of the comprehensive end to end marketing strategies we’ve built for our clients.

To start taking advantage of this trend, ask yourself how you would reach your audience if you couldn’t use banner ads at all. Then, contact us to help you prioritize your digital assets so they can be reused and installed across different platforms and mediums. Instead of fearing ad blocking, let’s celebrate that it is forcing us to be more genuine, more real, and more open with our customers.

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