Revitalizing Coverings: A striking brand transformation leads to record-breaking turnouts at Coverings 2023.




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In response to a significant post-pandemic attendance decline, Coverings, the premier event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America, collaborated with Bigeye to rejuvenate its brand identity. Our immersive approach, inspired by the museum-worthy exhibits at the previous Las Vegas show, led to a striking campaign featuring minimalist design, vibrant typography, and bold messaging. The modern aesthetic, incorporating organic forms and hand-drawn brushstrokes, symbolized idea generation and creativity. A new brand pattern, inspired by stone and tile materials, represented water, clay, earth, and heat—the core elements of the event. The result was the highly successful Coverings 2023 campaign, achieving one of the highest attendee and exhibitor turnouts in the event's history and reaffirming Coverings' position as a leading force in the industry. The campaign's dynamic visual elements resonated across diverse audiences, including distributors, retailers, contractors, and architects.

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