From inception to impact:
propelling Luma & Leaf to
skincare success in record time.


Luma & Leaf


Audience Research, Market Intelligence, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Naming, Messaging, Brand Guidelines, Campaign Creation and Implementation, Package Design, Shopify Development, Video Production, Media Planning and Buying, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Management

Luma & Leaf, a newcomer in the skincare industry, partnered with Bigeye to establish a robust brand identity and execute a successful product launch in the competitive market. Bigeye began by naming the company and conducting in-depth audience research to understand consumer preferences. This comprehensive approach included developing audience personas which led to a unique brand identity and packaging, creating a product-focused Shopify website, and implementing a multi-channel marketing plan with digital marketing and influencer strategies. Business intelligence tools informed key decisions, aligning the strategy with market dynamics. The results were immediate and impactful, with Luma & Leaf achieving significant sales within days of the launch, marking its emergence as a notable player in the skincare market. Bigeye's expertise in DTC marketing and data-driven strategies played a pivotal role in the brand's successful entry and positioned Luma & Leaf for sustained growth and success in the competitive skincare landscape.


Digital engagement:

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Online sessions increased 123.17% in past 12 months.

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Net sales increased 134%.

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Google conversions on average increased 30.7% per quarter 2023.

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