Elevating pet wellness: Zesty Paws' strategic brand positioning and vibrant motion graphics propel success in
a growing pet care market.


Zesty Paws


Strategy and Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation and Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website and Voice Development, Video Production

Zesty Paws, a leader in pet supplements and grooming, successfully navigated the challenges of a growing pet care market by strategically positioning itself in the face of fierce competition. Focused on the projected $625 million growth in the pet food supplement sector by 2023, Zesty Paws amplified brand visibility, emphasizing its All Ages and Hemp Elements lines on major platforms like Amazon and Chewy.com. The strategic initiative included a meticulous exploration of the brand, audience, and industry, incorporating the buildout of brand architecture, development of key messaging, and trademarking the main tagline, "Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty." Leveraging motion graphics, the campaign conveyed vitality and sophistication, creating impactful video content that seamlessly integrated the brand persona and emphasized a shared commitment to pet health. This holistic approach resulted in increased brand awareness and differentiation in the competitive pet care market, showcasing the success of the strategy's technical precision and comprehensive execution.

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