Transforming brunch from
bland to "Ciao Bella!" for
Maria & Enzo's.


Maria & Enzo’s


Strategy, Positioning and Design, Messaging, Campaign Creation and Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website and Voice Development

Patina Restaurant Group, a global restaurant owner, enlisted Bigeye to rejuvenate the underperforming Sunday Brunch at Maria & Enzo's in Disney Springs. We embarked on a comprehensive research strategy, combining quantitative data and qualitative insights to understand the audience and formulate a strategy for a rebrand. The result, the "Have Amoré" brunch, was a resounding success, increasing brand awareness, attendance, and revenue. Our strategic, data-driven approach not only transformed the brunch experience, infusing it with Italian charm, but also set the stage for future collaborations, showcasing the impact of our agency's transformative capabilities in turning culinary moments into lasting brand successes.

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