sustainable luxury
in the Southeast.


Wellory Living


Strategy and Design, Naming, Brand Identity, Messaging, Campaign Creation and Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website and Voice Development, Signage Design

Facing the challenge of developing a brand for the groundbreaking Wellory Living, an innovative Net-Zero Emissions Residential project in Huntsville, Alabama, our goal was to resonate with a health-conscious, active, and environmentally aware multigenerational audience. Our strategic approach focused on crafting a brand identity that highlighted Wellory Living's commitment to Net Zero living and sophisticated design. Emphasizing sustainable luxury, the brand positioned Wellory Living as a refreshing vision making sustainability attainable. The results were remarkable, with Wellory Living emerging as a pioneer in sustainable luxury living in the Southeast. The brand effectively communicated its commitment to Net-Zero living and the provision of a serene, sophisticated lifestyle, resonating with a diverse audience and showcasing the success of our strategy in making sustainable living both attainable and desirable in the vibrant Midcity District of Huntsville, Alabama.

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