Elevating student
living on Rocky Top.


The Davy


Strategy and Design, Naming, Brand Identity, Messaging, Campaign Creation and Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website and Voice Development, Signage Design

In transforming The Davy, a student housing community near the University of Tennessee, our challenge was to create a brand capturing a vibrant lifestyle while respecting the University's history. Our strategic approach crafted "The Davy" as the pinnacle of Rocky Top living, embodying ultimate Vols goals. Balancing contemporary student desires with a nod to tradition, the brand resonated with students seeking a warm, lively environment. The community's strategic location, accessible to the University and local conveniences, coupled with unique amenities, positioned The Davy as the epitome of student housing. The success of our brand strategy showcased the effectiveness of harmoniously blending modern student desires with a respectful acknowledgment of tradition, resulting in an inviting and dynamic living space aligned with the Ultimate Vols Goals.

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