Revitalizing the National Mango Board's brand and boosting sales.


Mango Board


Audience Research, Market Intelligence, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Creative Asset Development, Website Development, Programmatic Advertising, Media Planning and Buying, Digital Marketing, CTV and OTT Advertising, Video Production

The National Mango Board, grappling with a stagnant brand and the imperative to boost mango sales, engaged Bigeye to rejuvenate its image and implement a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy. Our approach included extensive audience research, leading to the creation of a modern brand identity and the development of an enhanced website. A multifaceted digital marketing plan, incorporating captivating videos and data-driven decisions, was implemented to maximize engagement. The collaboration resulted in a 23% increase in website visits and remarkable growth across key metrics, with video advertising up by 726%, paid social by 275%, and display advertising by 647%. These outcomes not only revitalized the National Mango Board's brand but positioned it for sustained growth, exemplifying the impactful results of a well-executed, holistic marketing strategy blending creativity, research, and analytics.

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