Client Appreciation That Creates Real Brand Advocates

On this, “National Customer Appreciation Day” – how do you go above and beyond the “call of duty” to show your clients how much you care about them? I’m often asked if it’s more costly to pursue a new client, or if retaining existing clientele has the greatest impact on a company’s bottom line. While it might appear subjective, it’s a fairly widely held opinion – and the data tends to support the notion pretty consistently  – that it’s both pricier and consumes a greater portion of your employees’ time to generate new business. That’s all the more reason to ensure that your existing clients are busily singing your praises, isn’t it? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to ensure that current customers aren’t also your most valued brand advocates?
Thinking back, you’ve likely had at least one highly positive and thoroughly memorable customer service experience that compelled you to quickly share the good news with your friends and associates. As a company, how do you make that type of behavior the norm, in which your employees are empowered to provide only the highest level of client satisfaction – and that they proceed to do so every single time you’re “at bat” with your valued customers?

Consider, for instance, the selfless act recently recounted to me about a sales experience with a national retailer that was “share-worthy.” Rather than ordering a book via Amazon or another online merchants, my friend decided to trek to her local bookstore – a less convenient brick and mortar destination – to purchase a much-anticipated book as a gift for her spouse for his birthday. After searching the racks of new arrivals to locate her target gift, she came away with little success. Arriving at the customer service counter, Starbucks in-hand (a frothy latte always seems to make any shopping experience that much more pleasurable), she provided the name of the book, and waited patiently as the associate researched its availability. No luck – the coveted present was already sold out, with the bookstore’s next expected delivery shipment at least one week away.

Rather than turning my friend away with little time left to place an online order in time for her husband to unwrap the best seller that topped his list of “must reads,” the associate willingly called the store’s major competitor to offer additional assistance. Sure enough, they had a copy, and my friend left the store with a broad, caffeinated smile, knowing that the book she so anxiously sought would be ready and waiting for her with no further effort on her part related to her search – even if it meant paying a visit to the competition.

What compelled the associate at my friend’s first bookstore shopping stop to take the extra step, and go the extra mile, to ensure that her purchase was easily attainable? This example can be translated into nearly any industry – it’s interchangeable. My friend couldn’t wait to tell others – to excitedly share the news with me and my fellow guests at her spouse’s birthday celebration. You could sense her delight when she recounted her experience. That’s employee empowerment: the bookstore employee helped my friend walk away feeling appreciated and valued, even without completing her purchase with the initial retailer.

At our Florida advertising agency, we strive to do just that – to provide the necessary expertise and support to allow our clients’ goals and objectives to be attained, while ensuring that expectations are consistently exceeded. [quote]The service that we deliver is more than compelling creative and sound marketing strategy – it’s personal.[/quote]The service that we deliver is more than compelling creative and sound marketing strategy – it’s personal. It’s reminding our clients – as often, and as readily, as possible – that we are delighted to serve alongside each and every one of them as their agency partner.

So, keeping in mind the bookstore experience, how do you effectively guarantee that your client’s expectations are continually exceeded – so much so – that they’d be willing to refer new customers to your company, based solely upon their sheer satisfaction with a routine job well done? Contact us today to allow our team to help you gain, and retain, highly satisfied brand advocates – for life!

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