Creating CBD Pet Product Marketing That Speaks to Pet Owners

If you want to move CBD-infused pet products, you need to get inside the heads of pet owners. Here are a few ideas for you to consider when creating your next CBD pet product marketing push.

The days of a Milkbone and a pat on the head are long gone for today’s pets, who are now being treated like pampered and beloved family members. This transition is underscored within the cannabidiol industry, with CBD-infused pet treats booming in popularity. It’s estimated that CBD pet products will become a $1.16 billion market by 2022.

So how do you create CBD pet product marketing that gets the ears of pet parents to perk up? Let’s take a closer look at a few our of our favorite tricks.

Focus on Downstream Effects When Targeting CBD Pet Owners

Great advertising and marketing activates an emotional response — and people get highly emotional about their pets. So, when marketing to pet owners, it’s a smart idea to focus on the impact your CBD product can have on the underlying issues that many pets struggle with.

One example: Dogs who exhibit amazing bravery when protecting the family from strangers are often end up cowering in the corner as soon as a thunderstorm strikes. The sound of storms can be overwhelming — and dogs simply don’t understand what’s happening.

By creating marketing content that underlines how CBD can be effective in the treatment of storm-related anxiety, you provide a powerful use case — and an emotionally resonant experience — for pet owners to chew on.

Stress the Anecdotal

Research may not be the plural of anecdote, but for those engaged in CBD pet product marketing, that’s all we really have. While there is considerable scientific literature on the impact of CBD on the human body, research on CBD in dogs, cats and other animals is scant.

Given this paucity of scientific data, CBD pet product marketing is better focused on anecdotal experiences. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; anecdotes can be quite powerful, given the shared experiences of pet owners. A marketing video with four or five pet owners who have administered CBD pet products to their animals is one strategy you can employ to help audiences connect with your campaign. 

Stress the Safety and Naturalness of Your CBD Product

Pet owners today are nothing like the pet owners of a generation or two ago, many of whom wouldn’t dream of checking the ingredient list in their pet’s can of Alpo. Today, you can set pet owners scanning pet food ingredients with the same intensity they’d show when signing mortgage documents. In other words, healthy, clean and natural ingredients are very important to today’s pet owners.

This, of course, extends to CBD consumables as well. Pet owners will want to be reassured that the CBD-based dog treats won’t feature elevated levels of THC or anything that might cause their beloved pet to have an adverse reaction. This means that CBD pet product marketers should make an effort to emphasize the natural and safe status of their products. Before pet owners will trust you to help their animals feel better, they need to be convinced that the product will do no harm.

Emphasize the Quality

It’s a widely accepted fact that quality can be somewhat variable in the cannabidiol industry. Pet owners, once again, are demanding the best for their animals. If they are willing to spend $80 on a bag of grain-free dog food that has boar meat as the first ingredient, they are also going to be willing to pay more for the highest quality CBD pet products they can find. 

This means that marketers should position their products as premium if possible, and take pains to reassure consumers that quality is standardized and not subject to the industry’s checkered record of variance.

How BIGEYE Helps CBD Pet Marketers

At Bigeye, we have the domain expertise to help you create a CBD pet marketing campaign that truly resonates with pet owners. Contact us today for more information about how we can help. 

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