Down and dirty social media: twitter ads like never before

In a recent post, we discussed how Twitter is changing the world and earning you positive brand association, one social media post at a time. Twitter is most known for it’s organic social media advertising potential, but Twitter ads come in several different formats so there are plenty of ways to take advantage of paid advertising within the Twitterverse as well.
Here is a quick fact sheet on the three types of Twitter ads you can invest in. Just remember, it’s not an “either vs. or” decision. A strong Twitter ads strategy boosts exposure to unique tweets and compelling blogs alongside timely social media advertising to drive organic and paid traffic simultaneously.

1. Promoted tweet twitter ads:

Promoted tweets work best for promotions and short-term offers. Much like paid digital ads, you can pay per impression or click, giving you flexibility in how you want to expose a certain deal. If you already have a strong brand following, but want to run a short term gap closing effort or increase end of quarter sales, this is a great way to kick off your campaign. Simply highlight your offer in 140 characters or less, add a trackable link to your post, and release it into the wild.

2. Promoted account twitter ads:

To build brand awareness, consider promoting your account. Instead of highlighting a specific tweet within your follower base, Twitter will recommend your account to users who may be interested in following your content. This is a great tactic for new or growing companies because Twitter can help you segment and target a certain audience within their follower base. You can choose the type of users that will see your brand, serving a warm introduction to your next crop of potential customers.

3. Promoted trends twitter ads:

Promoted trends are the least well-known option of Twitter’s advertising arsenal. A promoted trend allows you to create a unique hashtag and begin a movement. We recommend using promoted trends if your marketing needs to fall somewhere between a short-term promotion and large-scale brand awareness. If you plan to run a sponsored event series like a summer concert tour, have partnered on a product launch, or are trying to create a viral movement, a unique hashtag can give this effort momentum to grow. The trick is making sure the campaign has true viral potential and is simple and catchy enough to get off the ground.


If you’d like to experiment with Twitter advertising but aren’t sure how your marketing strategy fits into the Twitterverse, we are here to help. Learn how Twitter will benefit your social media initiatives.

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