Forget the iPhone 7 – let’s talk about the iPhone 10

We’ll admit it. We’re nerds. Our office was buzzing with the advent of the iPhone 7 before it even hit shelves. But, if you’re a business owner, it’s already time to forget about the iPhone 7 and start planning for the iPhone 10. Yes, we said iPhone 10.


You’re not wrong. The iPhone 7 just released a month ago … but the rumor mill is already running with whispers about the next Apple release. 2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, so we are betting that Apple will release something special. And we’re not the only ones. All the major tech and Mac blogs are buzzing about what’s in store for the next year. Think: a full glass body, enhancements to the already-enhanced iPhone 7 camera, new sizes, wireless charging, and increased performance. In short, a nerd’s dream. Apple isn’t the only company on the brink of some amazing breakthroughs either. Samsung and Microsoft continue to nip Apple’s heels, introducing exciting enhancements such as shatterproof glass, waterproof casings, and night-ready cameras.


If you’re wondering why you should care, the answer is simple. Better phones mean the switch from desktop to mobile devices is more prevalent than ever. It means engaging apps like this summer’s rave PokémonGo will become the rule rather than the exception. It means that native advertising needs to be more creative and more fierce than ever before – begging people to engage with your content rather than skimming over it. Many companies, even with the best intentions, still haven’t fully invested in sound mobile integrations, responsive websites, or digital apps. And we get it. Some businesses might feel like they are just catching up with desktop technology and feeling confident in their web presence. Why upset the apple cart? Other companies just don’t have the budget to overhaul what they’ve already done with mobile-ready updates. Unfortunately, your target audience might not care what your reasons are. You just need to be on the devices and channels they are using, or risk missing out on their business. That makes understanding and anticipating new updates in mobile and smartphone technology critical. Most people spend over five hours per day on their smartphones. That’s a whole lot of time to grab their attention. With our help, your business can do it right.


Before the next major smartphone release, it’s time to get caught up and prepare for the newest waves of technology. And don’t worry, we’re here to help. Start with these three simple steps.


  1. Responsive websites: If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get a responsive website. This is a simple technology (that can be adapted to most major CMS systems and website templates) to make your website function beautifully and efficiently on every device — no matter what size. We don’t recommend having a separate mobile site from your main website, instead, use this “shortcut” to streamline your information and present your most critical points simply and intelligently. There’s no need to be daunted by the task. If your website doesn’t already have responsive options, our team at Bigeye can help you implement this technology on any budget.
  2. Consider apps: Apps are the future. And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, finance, or hospitality, there’s an app for almost every day-to-day use case. If you aren’t ready to invest in full app development (and the necessary promotion that goes along with it), consider partnering with another local brand that has an app people are already using. There may be an opportunity to share email lists, resources, and audience touch points (like their app) so you both benefit. For example, if you own a local cafe, it might make sense to partner with your local news channel to offer discounts on their news app … after all, nothing goes better with morning news than a cup of coffee from your baristas, right? Get creative.
  3. Plan ahead: Don’t wait until the next iPhone release to start thinking about mobile integrations. We already know that cameras, imagery, and usability are big trends to watch on all the new devices, so consider working with a trusted digital agency like BIGEYE to make sure that you’re ready when the release hits. Should your website imagery be better if it will be viewed on a crystal clear screen? Are there apps or engagement opportunities (such as sweepstakes) that could leverage new photo capabilities to complement your business? You get the idea.

Technology releases are the precursor to marketing trends and emerging fads, so lean into the cutting edge and let’s work together.

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