Four Can’t Miss CBD Pet Product Marketing Techniques

Today’s pet owners are willing to go to extraordinary lengths — and spend staggering amounts of money — for their animals. This presents a significant opportunity for those who can market CBD pet products in the right way.

Pet owners are still learning the ropes when it comes to CBD-infused animal products — “ways to use CBD on my pet” is one of the most common search queries within the industry.

So how can CBD brands take that curiosity and transform it into a loyal customer base who loves their products almost as much as they love their pets? It all starts with well-executed advertising and marketing.

With that in mind, let’s look at four tips for your next CBD pet product campaign.

Emphasize the Cost Benefits

People are incredibly passionate about their animals. Yet millions of those pet lovers can’t afford to pay for their own medical insurance, let alone foot the bill for frequent vet trips. Even the most tenderhearted dog or cat lover might be forced to skip regular vet visits if their budget simply won’t stretch.

Given that CBD pet products are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased without any need for a veterinary prescription, they present an intriguing option for consumers without sufficient spending power. And that’s a broad category — currently 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck; 50% of Americans earn fewer than $30k annually and 38% earn fewer than $20k annually.

By creating marketing messages that emphasizing the reasonable cost of most CBD products, consumers will be more inclined to use them as a supplement to regular animal care under a vet’s supervision.

Segment Your Pet CBD Audience

Audience segmentation is critical for virtually all brands, and it can be practiced in a way within the CBD space that allows you to target specific breed owners. For example, bulldogs and Dalmatians are genetically pre-disposed to suffer from the painful condition of hip dysplasia. 

CBD products have been demonstrated to help with hip and joint issues — the kind of serious issues that often plague purebred puppies. CBD products can also be targeted toward owners of breeds that tend toward anxiety, and of course older dogs and cats who suffer from a range of common maladies.

By segmenting your audience in this fashion, you can deliver more relevant messages and generate a higher ROI.

Emphasize Quality Control 

Pet owners have become as concerned about what they put into their animals’ bodies as they are about what they put into their own. This is doubly so for newer products such as CBD, without an extensive track record to examine.

In order to reassure consumers about the naturalness and quality of your CBD pet products, it’s important to stress that your brand uses top quality raw materials and (ideally) operates on a farm to shelf basis.

Offer a Real World Window Into Common CBD Uses for Pets

A pit bull might be the most fearsome looking family protector on his block, but one stray thunderstorm can have him quivering in the corner. It’s a funny image, but it also speaks to something every pet owner understands: Even the most loyal, brave and protective animals still need human love, care and attention.

Pet products for CBD curious buyers can help provide that nurturing care. A marketing campaign that shows real world examples of CBD pet products alleviating thunderstorm stress is a compelling way to illustrate how CBD can help improve an animal’s mental state. That same campaign could also show older dogs and cats benefiting from the pain-relief and inflammation effects offered through CBD ingestion.

The idea is simple: Provide an authentic, unmediated look at how CBD pet products are helping real animals live better lives. There’s also one more advantage to taking a documentary approach: Pets don’t exhibit the placebo effect or show off for camera lenses, so they make fairly credible case studies — even though they don’t have much to say.

Working With the Right CBD Pet Product Marketing Agency

At Bigeye, we’ve established ourselves as one of North America’s leading creative agencies for CBD brands. Few of our competitors have the domain expertise needed to create credible, compelling and strategically executed CBD pet products campaigns.

If you need help with CBD pet marketing, we urge you to reach out to Bigeye today.

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