Here Is The Tie Between Daily Deal Sites & Education

Scratch college prepaid accounts or scholarships, and turn to Groupon to help pay for your college tuition. That’s right, the coupon craze has now reached the market for students struggling to pay their tuition. As a Daily Deal site, Groupon is looking for ways to branch out by experimenting with unique, discounted vouchers for purchases other companies, such as Living Social and Yipit, have yet to dip into. What’s special about this deal is that it embraces the importance of education in our society. Knocking nearly 60 percent off tuition allows the college to be more realistic by eliminating the panic of taking that financial plunge many veers away from.

Anyone paying for college tuition, for themselves or their children, would appreciate the value of this deal. Those reading about this are probably thinking this is too good of a deal to be true, and I hate to break it you guys, but it kind of is. This deal is exclusively for students taking an entry-level graduate teaching course at Chicago-based institution, National Louis University. The deal went live yesterday, Tuesday, September 7, discounting the three-credit-hour introductory course from $2,232 to $950.

Whether or not this concept works, the idea behind it is to provide the initial step toward pursuing an education. If it is successful, we could be looking at deals similar to Groupon’s at universities across the nation. This goes to show the emphasis on social media and other marketing tools have on society. Just think about the possibilities, they’re endless!

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