How Twitter marketing transformed social media marketing

Sure it’s entertaining, but social media, and Twitter in particular, have the power to shape the world as we know it. Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram that focus on users’ one-to-one interaction with friends and family, Twitter opens up the world of political social influence, journalism, and globalization. Twitter has enabled civilian news reporting, helped identify terrorists, and given the average person a snapshot into celebrity lifestyles. Brands that can successfully lever this instantaneous connection between users and their product can turn Twitter marketing into solid gold.


As a snapshot into the power of this unique platform, we can’t help but muse about the current political debates. No matter who you plan to vote for this fall, you’ve probably seen your fair share of political tweets during the primary season.

As we write this, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) has unleashed a near streaming Twitter attack on Hillary Clinton. In his latest post he cries out, “Crooked Hillary can’t even close the deal with Bernie – and the Dems have it rigged in favor for Hillary. Four more years of this? No way!” On the flip side, presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton), fights back, sharing a CNN (@CNNPolitics) article about Trump’s 2006 views on the real estate market crash. She notes, “A candidate who roots for his own gain at the expense of American families isn’t just heartless. He’s disqualified.” In just 140 characters, each candidate appeals to the public time and time again to hear them, share them, and agree with them.

So what happens when one of these candidates – or any highly public figure – endorses a brand, promotes tourism in a depressed market, or gets photographed wearing a designer t-shirt? Those brands immediately receive a boost of awareness and have the opportunity to respond with their own Twitter marketing tactics in hopes of riding the halo effect of positive brand association, or shy away from an endorser who may not necessarily align with their brand values or vision statement.

Even brands that don’t receive attention on the national or international scale have the ability to tweet with and align themselves beside other likeminded public figures and organization. The results are a web of interconnected, social associations that validate or disprove a brand’s unique value proposition within a given market.


Don’t be afraid to dip your toe into the bird bath. Twitter may not have as many followers as platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, but it does have a unique personality and power all its own. To take advantage of Twitter marketing’s potential, don’t forget the following:

1. Become an expert:

Build your Twitter base by becoming an expert in one topic. If you have a blog, this is a perfect place to share your posts. Tweet relevant articles, share your opinion, and provide insight into your industry. Just remember that it’s better to share excellent content about one topic than mediocre content about several.

2. Engage with social influencers:

It may feel strange at first, but start tweeting at other brands, social influencers such as celebrities, industry tastemakers, journalists, and bloggers. Ask them questions, share information you think they may enjoy, and put yourself out there. It only takes a few retweets and heavy-hitting responses to boost your own social credibility.

3. Increase your followers:

The best way to increase your followers is to follow others. Take time to read other peoples’ tweets and figure out who you enjoy watching. Many people will follow you if you follow them, so don’t be shy.

4. Stay relevant:

Because Twitter has the power to break news (hello, viral videos) and is often used to provide real-time commentary on social events, don’t wait until you have the perfect article or post to tweet. Stay current and react to what’s happening in the moment to keep your audience engaged.

5. Try new things:

Last, but not least, try new things. A Tweet can be forgotten in a mere matter of minutes if it gets lost in a flood of more interesting or share worthy content. If you try to tweet something outside your comfort zone, don’t worry. Try again.

Our social media marketing team can help you create a content calendar, refine your tweeting skills, and highlight brands and public figures that align well with your brand. For more information on how you can change the world one tweet at a time, click here. 

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