Instagram’s “Photos of You” Feature and What it Means to Brands

Since it’s launch in October 2010, Instagram hasn’t made many major changes to their original formula. However, a couple months ago Instagram introduced the “Photos of You” addition to their application that allows users to tag friends and brands in their photos. Like Facebook, these tagged pictures will then appear on the profile that was tagged.

So, how does the feature work?

Instagram has made “Photos of You” easy for Instagrammers to utilize. When uploading a photo, just click the “Add People” option directly below the caption. You then tap on the person in the photo you wish to tag and select or search for their name.

You’re also able to go back and add a person to a picture you have already shared by simply going back to the picture and clicking “Add People.” However unlike Facebook, you’re only able to tag photos that you’ve uploaded.

Instagram will notify you when someone adds a photo of you. Worried about an unattractive photo of yourself being uploaded to your profile? Similar to Facebook, you can adjust your settings so that you can review pictures before they’re put on your Instagram.

You used to only able to @mention people and brands. People mentioned weren’t able to keep track of pictures uploaded by others and photo browsers were unable to tell who was who in the pictures.

What does this mean for brands?

Many brands have begun to incorporate Instagram into their marketing efforts. With the “Photos of You” feature, users are not only able to add photos of people, but they’re also able to tag the profiles of brands in their posts.

This gives brands the chance to see how consumers are interacting and using their products in everyday life. Brands also will have the opportunity to build stronger connections and more personal relationships with fans and followers.

Time will only tell, but the ability to tag brands seems to be setting Instagram up for advertising features sometime in the near future.

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