Retail Disrupted: What Shoppers Want From Brands Today

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Today’s shoppers are more informed, connected, and demanding than ever before. Even before the pandemic, with growing competition from e-commerce, traditional retailers faced declining footfall at shopping malls and lackluster sales within department stores.COVID accelerated these trends, enabling more consumers to discover the convenience of online ordering and home delivery.Over the past decade, we’ve also seen the rise of direct-to-consumer brands that cultivate their audiences on social media, amplified by influencers – changing the path to purchase in many retail categories.These factors combined have permanently disrupted retail.This report from Bigeye, based on census-balanced data, reveals what shoppers want from brands today, the factors that influence their purchase decisions, and the customer experiences that can entice them back into physical stores.

An Inside Look at how Shoppers Make Purchase Decisions



of Hispanic shoppers have purchased for a DTC brand in the past six months.

Social Media


followers have purchased a product based on an influencer’s recommendation.

Shopping in 2030


of shoppers believe that within a decade, most retail stores will be fully automated with robots and involve little human interaction.

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