Spooky Ways to Reach Your Customers, Hallow-tastic ideas

Halloween is doubtlessly the spookiest holiday of all. For some people it means candy corns and tasty treats, but for others it means creepy surprises and discoveries around every corner.

The BIGEYE team has been following some of the best ways to reach customers in unexpected ways, ways that seem mysterious and spooky for Internet users that are unfamiliar with the tricks of the digital marketing trade. In honor of the upcoming holiday, we encourage you to make the most of Halloween by exploring our Florida advertising agency’s list of spooky ways to reach your customer.

Site Retargeting: Have you ever been on a website, only to find an ad for that same site while surfing a different website days later? That’s a direct result of site retargeting, which uses cookies to capture user data in order to direct advertisements to them at a later date. The benefit of retargeting is that it helps advertise your products or services directly to people who’ve already expressed interest in your site, presumably leading to a higher rate of conversion for every ad dollar spent.

Facebook Ads:  For years, companies have been hesitant to experiment with Facebook ads. However, many people do not know that such advertising can be relatively affordable, especially for companies that offer niche products or services. Facebook’s ad platform allows users to create different iterations of their ads, and allows them to compare Facebook advertising metrics for each ad run. These ads can also be geo-targeted, so that they only reach people who are logging on from specific locales. It’s frighteningly easy to increase awareness and conversions with just a few dollars toward a Facebook ad.

Google AdWords:  Like Facebook ads, Google AdWords are great ways to market directly to your target customer. AdWords searches allow advertisers to align their ads with popular search terms. It’s important for people who are budgeting their ad searches to purchase keywords that are not necessarily too popular, but words that still reap hits. Google has a variety of tools and analytics to allow users to effectively use its AdWords services.

Promoted Tweets:  Promoted tweets are tweets that brands can purchase that directly target users’ interests based on who they follow and how they use Twitter. For companies that invest in promoted tweets, this can be a great way to get the word out about a new product or service. However, if the promoted tweet does not ultimately encourage interaction and engagement, Twitter will discontinue the use of the promoted tweet, which ends up saving money for the person who purchased the promoted tweet slot.

[quote]The amount of money companies spend on paid media continues to grow as businesses see value in reaching out to potential customers in new ways.[/quote]Through a mix of paid, owned and earned media, companies can develop strategies to create awareness within niche audiences, and ultimately reap the benefits through increased conversions. The team at our Florida marketing agency hopes that when it comes to investing in spooky methods of creative advertising, businesses won’t be afraid, and will ditch the tricks for the treats.

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