Ten reasons why Florida is perfect for an advertising agency

Think Florida is only good for spring breakers or your grandmother’s retirement community?  Of course it’s not – it’s actually an ideal desintation for a marketing company or advertising agency.  Our Florida advertising agency thrives in the midst of a state known for its beaches, sunshine and diverse population.
What follows are just a few reasons why Florida is perfect for your advertising agency.

The Weather (of course!):  Why commute for an hour in the snow to get to your office in a Manhattan skyscraper when you can instead work from your laptop on the beach?  Florida always sounds like a good idea when your heater is on the fritz and you’re shivering from the cold.

It’s Cheaper than Larger Cities:  In the big cities, nearly everything is more expensive.  People who drive often must pay hundreds of dollars just to be able to park each month.  Even cocktails are more expensive – a cheap happy hour is virtually unheard of in New York City.  If you’re looking to expand your agency, but want to build up your practice in a space that won’t break the bank, Florida might be great for you.

Burgeoning Technology Communities:  Though it may not be Silicon Valley, Florida is an incubator for tons of small businesses and technological startups.  For example, St. Petersburg’s Gazelle Labs is actively serving entrepreneurs by encouraging community and mentorship.

Tourism:  Where there’s tourism, there’s marketing needs – and Florida has a ton of destinations.  From Jacksonville to Key West, the state is full of sandy beaches, boisterous nightlife and family friendly adventures, and the companies that make Florida into a tourist destination rely on marketers to keep people returning year after year.

Fresh Talent:  With state-funded education programs and high-achieving college graduates who need jobs, Florida is the place to find and recruit the fresh talent from some of the best research universities in the country.

Second-Best State for Business: ChiefExectuve.net calls Florida the second-best state for business in 2012.  According to the website, the state ranks favorably for business in terms of taxation and regulations, workforce quality and living environment.

As More Companies Invest In Florida, There’s More Money to Go Around:  An influx in businesses in Florida means that more people are employed, and have more income to spend on lifestyle needs.  All of these aspects of a recovering economy are good for marketers – more people will spend money on products and services to help grow their companies, keeping marketers busy with a steady client database.

Diversity in Population: Florida attracts all kinds of people.  From residents who have been in the states for generations to immigrants who are just learning English, marketers can make connections to all types of people.  Ad agencies that specialize in products and services for the Spanish-speaking population may find as much success in Florida as they would in places like New York City and California, both of which also have high numbers of Spanish-speaking residents.

No State Income Tax:  In some states, people pay income tax rates as high as 11% per year in income tax.  Imagine having $11 extra dollars to spend for every $100 on your paycheck – it goes a long way, fast.

If you’re considering establishing a Florida advertising agency, we hope that we can persuade you that Florida really is perfect for businesses of all sizes.


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