Testing One Today, What To Know about Google’s New Nonprofit App

Google For Nonprofits has released its new mobile nonprofit app, One Today, to Android users (sorry iPhone advocates) in the United States and invites nonprofits to register, create projects and fundraise.
What does this mean for your nonprofit? Well, it’s the perfect solution for cause marketing. The mobile platform promotes the idea that individuals can make a huge impact by donating just a $1 per day to a desirable cause (hence the “One Today” name.)

Not only is the app suitable for nonprofits, but it is also fit for individuals. One Today is the only app that enables users to learn about a different cause every day, give to the causes that move you and share the love by asking your friends and family to match your $1 donation via social media.

So how can you benefit from the One Today app? Besides having a super cool-looking app on your mobile device there are several other benefits:

  • It’s fast and easy to register and start your project
  • Expands your audience to likely donors because your friends and family are most likely to donate
  • Spreads awareness to a new audience of tech-savvy individuals
  • Creates a social movement around your project
  • There is no charge to join

I’m sure the question on your mind now is, “How do I start?” To register for the app, you must first apply to be a member of the Google for Nonprofits Program. Review the eligibility requirements and apply here. Once you are a member, you’re ready to get started!

The app follows the mantra “Do a little. Change a lot” and proves that a simple, $1 donation can make a big impact. Our Florida advertising agency encourages nonprofits to try out One Today, and contact us to discover new tools to unleash the power of social networking to promote the causes you are passionate about!

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