The 2019 US Pet Industry Study

About the Study

Audience insights agency Bigeye conducted a national research study focused on the pet industry. The findings are relevant to marketing professionals and anyone responsible for developing pet-related products and services.

The three authors of the study share actionable insights and implications for marketers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Justin Ramb is the founder and President of Bigeye. Under Justin’s leadership, research has become central to every engagement the audience insights agency undertakes for its clients.

Dana Cassell is Bigeye’s expert in consumer behavior, interpreting research results, and synthesizing data into actionable insights that build strategically differentiated brands.


Adrian Tennant is an experienced agency planner and researcher leading Bigeye’s quantitative, qualitative, and neuro studies to inform media planning and creative strategies.

Included in the Study

  • Looking at Audiences

    The behaviors and attitudes that characterize different groups of pet owner. Why generation, life stage, and environment affect ownership and product use.

  • Purchasing Decision Factors

    Key decision factors that owners use to make purchases for their pets. How marketing and advertising, product distribution, and referral sources influence consideration.

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity areas for the development of pet products and services. Why trends in human health and wellness can translate into pet care.



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