The 3 Ways To Win By Employing Teamwork In Business

It’s easy to get carried away in personal accomplishments at work. Even a little bit of recognition goes a long way, so many people feel it’s best to work independently in order to get all the credit for a big project. However, while this may be the case in some scenarios, our advertising agency in Orlando believes that working in teams is a much more efficient process. After all, no one person can be great at every single task, and chances are that if you’re an excellent researcher and writer, there might be someone better-equipped to handle finances, graphic design, or even website development.

The reality is, the potential to work more efficiently comes from how well the teams work together. Unfortunately, working in teams can also be challenging, particularly when working with someone domineering or with a “social loafer,”a slacker who wants to take credit for the work of the team in spite of that fact that the person hasn’t contributed to the progress of the project. Here, BIGEYE presents 3 ways to make teamwork win big for your business:

1. Assign a project manager.

One of the best ways to mitigate this is to assign a project manager to oversee the project. The project manager’s role is to ensure the project is moving on time, that budgets are in order and that peoples’needs are being sufficiently addressed. A good project manager is responsible for the outcome of the project and gives the team the support and autonomy to do a good job. The PM should also recognize when people are not carrying their weight, and can then take steps to address those issues. An ideal PM is also a good mediator, as this can be the go-to person when there are disputes amongst company members.

2. Improv.

Teams can also strive to employ a tactic that’s very popular in improv comedy philosophy: the art of yes-and. The goal here is to never actively reject an idea, but to build on it to make it stronger and better. This eliminates some of the disagreeableness that can put individuals on the defensive, and in long-form improv, to help to grow the scene as a whole. There’s a reason that so many professionals are being more and more inspired to take improv classes or attend corporate improv workshops. It’s not just that they help improve public speaking skills, but also teach a philosophical framework that people can also apply to their everyday lives.

3. Be social.

Finally, workplace teams can plan to arrange social activities outside of work hours. This helps facilitate workplace relationships and a sense of camaraderie, which can translate into better collaboration.

[quote]In order to get the most out of teamwork, incentivizing the work of the team through rewards can help individuals come together for a collective goal.[/quote]Within those teamwork rewards, the team at our web agency in Orlando believes that a leader can also plan to recognize individual accomplishments in order to ensure that people don’t put all the hard work on one or two members of the team. Working as a team doesn’t have to be daunting. When workplace teams are effective, everyone wins.

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